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    Job System


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    Job System

    Post by Ewen on Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:33 am

    Here are your classes, Pick one and once you pick one you must stick with it.

    Magic Based:
    Here are your Magic Based Classes.

    Rune Knight-
    Special Ability: Runic, Runic absorbs magic from either end and allows the user to turn that power back at the opponent. (Limited to 2 uses per battle)

    Magic: Tier 3 White & Tier 2 Black

    Preferred Weapons: Swords

    Bass Classes:
    These are just basic Classes that don't have any affinity to anything but can be strong if used properly.

    Special Ability: Steal/Mug, This ability grants the user the ability to steal an item off of someone depending if they are faster than the person they are trying to steal from.

    Magic: Tier 4 White & Tier 4 Black

    Preferred Weapons: Daggers/Swords

    Special Ability: Tools, This ability grants the use of certain tools in combat that can be very useful to turn the tide of battle into your allies favor.

    Magic: None

    Preferred Weapons: Lances and Swords

    Special Ability: Blitz, Blitz is fighting moves that can be quite lethal if used properly, Data shall be given in the post below this one. (Limit of 3 blitz per battle)

    Magic: None

    Preferred Weapons: Claws & Nunchaku

    Special Ability: Throw, This ability allows the user to throw weapons from their Item Bag at opponents with great aim and heavy damage. (Can only be used 3 times per battle.)

    Magic: Tier 4 White

    Preferred Weapons: Daggers

    Special Ability: Bushido, Bushido is the sword fighting ability that offers great offensive and defensive abilities. (Limit of 2 Bushido per battle)

    Magic: None

    Preferred Weapons: Katana

    Feral Youth-
    Special Ability: Rage, Rage is the ability to mimic Monsters and use their powers as your own. Be careful If you use one during battle you have to stick with that creature. User can only increase the list of monsters they can mimic by training on the Veldt.

    Magic: Tier 3 Black

    Preferred Weapon: Any

    Special Ability: Sniper Shot, The sniper shot allows the person to fire a single arrow at an opponent from a distance with a greater chance of hitting them. (Limited to 2 uses per battle)

    Magic: None

    Preferred Weapon: Bow & Arrow

    Warrior- Advance, Advance is an ability that sacrifices defense for a quick attack that can be either good or bad. (Once per battle) Perfered Weapons: Swords

    Knight (Can transform into this from Warrior once achieving Tier 3 rank 8 or higher)- Cover, Cover is an ability used by Knights to absorb massive damage but only take a little from it. (Once per battle) Perfered Weapons: Swords

    Dark Knight (Transform into this from Knight at Tier 2 rank 5)- Souleater, By sacrificing some life force the user can inflict more damage to their opponents. (Can only be used 3 times per battle, after 3rd use the user must stop fighting and after each use the user cannot move for 1 post.) Perfered Weapon: Swords

    Paladin (Transform into this from Dark knight at Tier 1 Rank 3)- To be Revealed

    Scholar- Study, Study is an ability held personally by the Scholar class that is able to give themselves and their party the ability to defeat enemies faster by studying their weaknesses and exploiting them. (2 times per battle) Perfered Weapon: Staff and Daggers

    Geomancer- Terrain, Terrain is the ability of the Geomancer to use the element of the land around them against the opponent. (3 times per battle) Perfered Weapon: Staff

    Dragoon- Jump, Jump is the ability unique to a Dragoon as it allows them to jump at really high heights and attack enemies who come in from the sky. (4 times per battle) Perfered Weapon: Lance

    Holy Dragoon (Transform into this from Dragoon at Tier 1 Rank 5)- To be Revealed

    Viking- Provoke, This allows the user to draw the attention of monsters away from their team mates and even regular opponents as well. (2 times per battle) Perfered Weapon: Axe

    Bard- Sing, This ability is mostly based on the harps that the bard uses during battle or outside of battle. Can come in great handy for other team mates to have a bard on duty with them. (No limit) Perfered Weapon: Dagger or Harp

    Summoner- Summon, Pretty straight forward on this, a list of creatures you can summon shall be provided in the post below this one. Perfered Weapon: Staff

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